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WHAT are early signs of nld?

Although there is no standardised diagnosis criteria to conclusively identify NLD, professionals and researchers agree on universal neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses of individuals with NLD. These characteristics are complied by HelpNLD based on various research (such as research paper by Columbia University Medical Center), empirical diagnosis used by expert clinicians, and literature by experts in the field (such as Bryon P.Rourke's Model of Dynamics of NLD, Pamela B. Tanguay's books NLD At Home & NLD At School) 

Because of the complex nature of NLD and of new research still being conducted in the subject, this is not an exhaustive list of characteristics of NLD. It is extremely rare to have a child who shows all of these signs. Most show only some signs from different categories. If your child or student has consistently shown several of these signs, we recommend you to speak to the school psychologist, neuropsychologist, child psychiatrist, or special education teacher for help.


The following video, created by Friends of NVLD Awareness, features psychologists Jessica Broitman, Ph.D and Jack Davis, Ph.D, and learning specialist, Kitty Lindow, M.Ed talking about developmental signs of NLD, can be used as a good introduction for parents and professionals working with NLD

For more information on intervention program that can help individuals with NLD, please refer to our article here or our blog here.

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